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Which Is Better - A Free Classified Website Or A Paid One?
February 01, 2021 Posted by: Admin

Which Is Better - A Free Classified Website Or A Paid One?

Both free and paid classified websites have their own set of pros and cons. But which is better for you is the question here. To find a specific answer to that question, you have to walk through this blog. By the end, you cloud of confusion may fade below the bright rays of sun. 

Are you looking for online classified sites? 

Your purpose should be clear in your head and heart, or else, you won’t be able to make the right decision ever. So, the first thing that you should decide is whether you want to promote your business in online classified websites or print media like newspapers and magazines. This blog is all about online paid or free classified submission sites in India.
Now that you want an online classified site, let’s find out why you need one.

Do you own a business?
About to launch a new venture?
Do you provide any kinds of independent services? 

These scenarios resonate perfectly with online classified website. Typically, these are the platforms where you can promote your business, brands, products, services, deals, offers, discounts, and more. Based on your marketing strategy and promotional ideas, you’ll have to decide whether or not you are looking for a classified website.

Free vs. Paid online classified sites 

Generally, people believe that anything free is unreliable and anything paid is good to count on. But that’s not the case when it comes to classified advertising. There are many free classified sites that are reliable, authentic, and have fame in the market. Similarly, there are some paid sites as well which have great popularity among businesses. Which one to decide for your business is indeed a trick, and the purpose here is to help you with a lead. 

What happens when the ad sites are free?

Any free classified ads posting site in India seems to have a better reach among the audience for obvious reasons. Since signing up in these sites need no cost, more people visit these sites and browse through the ads. Hence, rate of conversions is much higher in these sites. 

Therefore, if you are planning to create an impression among the local crowd and want to sell more products (or services), free advertising is your kind of medium. In fact, you need to set more and more campaigns when your intention is more conversion-oriented than brand-building. That means, your budget increases if you don’t go by the free classified ad sites. 

What happens when the ad sites are paid? 

Paid ones can reach another audience but that doesn’t make it necessarily better. If you post ad in these websites, it will reach to a certain level of audience who can afford the cost regularly. Naturally, the numbers are much less than that of the free classified submission sites in India

Moreover, campaigning regularly on paid sites simply skyrockets the budget. As a consequence, you may observe the marketing cost to be double that of your income. The paid ad can really cut into your profit if only one item or a small amount of items are being sold. If there is a service you’re selling or shipping is involved, maybe a paid ad is the way to go. 

Does posting free ad on classified websites work? 

Definitely! Nowadays, many people spend their time on internet, and also most of their day-to-day requirements depend on the internet. So, it is helpful for businesses to display their ads through free classified ads posting site in India. 

One such name is 2FindNow. You can post ad of your choice here. There are different categories available namely real estate, jobs, matrimony, personal, services, kids’ accessories, travel, and much more. Also, this website caters to different geographical locations. This implies 2FindNow widely offers geo-targeting, which includes almost all the states and cities of India. 

If you want to post you ad soon, please feel free register with us. We don’t charge you for posting ads, until and unless you want more than regular from us.

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