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What Is Classified Advertisement & Types Of Classified Advertisement?
November 30, 2020 Posted by: Admin

What Is Classified Advertisement & Types Of Classified Advertisement?

The growing popularity of classified websites must have reached your ears too. But do you know the purpose of these websites, how they work, their advantages, and more such information? If not, find here. 

Let’s define the concept for you, first.

What Is Classified Advertisement? 

Advertising, branding, promotions are not new. Since the era of offline marketing, these concepts are prevailing in every possible domain. Classified advertising is like a tangent to them. Although not fully similar, but slightly touches an edge. It is an online marketing tool, which is used for creating awareness about any product or services. 

The small advertisements like messages, which are uploaded in the best classified ads posting site in India, are known by the term classified advertisement. Generally, these messages are grouped under specific headings, also called classifications, in a separate section. Earlier, the classified ads have only been part of newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. But in recent times, these ads are mostly seen in classified websites, social media networks like Facebook as well as on Tablets and Smartphones. 

In today’s date, almost every company count on the classified submission site in India to quickly reach their target audience. If you have a venture of your own and you want to promote its products or services online, an immediate cheaper solution is undoubtedly classified advertising. You may call this a quick fix for your marketing needs within your budget. 

With classified ads, you can typically reach the local prospective customers with geo-targeting. It is one unique feature that classified advertising offers. Geo-targeting means you can target the audience in a specific area by selecting the location while submitting your ads.   

The Background Of Classified Advertisement 

You’ll be surprised to know the date of the earliest noted specimen of advertisement. The most primitive known form of public notice is in 2000 BC when ancient Egyptians used to carve public notices into steel. It’s the oldest recorded form of outdoor advertising. The Egyptians also made wall posters and sales messages using papyrus.
However the new form of classified advertisement that we know today was first spotted in 1704. It was found in the form of newspaper advertisement that was placed in the Boston Newsletter, in the search of a buyer for an Oyster Bay, Long Island Estate.   

Types Of Classified Advertisement 

Let us now discuss the different classifications of Classified Advertisement that you will come across on visiting a classified submission site in India

Regular Classified Advertisements 

These are standard classified advertisements that contain promotional texts about a company’s products, services, deals, and offers. A typical regular classified advertisement is maximum a column wide, are typeset by the publisher of the print media, and has no graphics. These are extremely affordable, and normally, they are charged per column, line, or letter. 

Classified Display Advertisements 

Alike the regular ones, these are also used to promote businesses, products, services, deals, and offers. But they include a visual image or logo along with the text. Also, you can see a border surrounding the text advertisement. Typically, classified display advertisements are little more expensive than the regular classifieds. They are charged per square centimetre or column centimetre basis. 

Display Classified Advertisements 

Among all, it is the costliest classified advertisement, but it has the maximum impact as well. In this category, advertisers can choose a color for their display classified ads. Only the best classified ads posting site in India allows the submission of display classified advertisements. These ads can be of any size, width, and height. The minimum size of these classifieds can be 3 centimetres, and not less.   

Why should you opt for classified advertising?

It is affordable in comparison to the other forms of advertising, and sometimes even free. Hence, it saves the SMBs from burning a hole in their pockets.
This marketing tool offers a wide reach, and connects with the right audience that too in the local marketplace. As a consequence, you business can grow where you want it to be. 

The classified advertisements are simple and short, and there’s no rocket science involved in it. Therefore, you don’t have to hire copywriters for these. 

Online classified ads enable direct communication between the consumers and advertisers, simply by clicking on the call-to-action buttons or by sending emails/texts.
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