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Tips and Tricks of Classified Ad Posting Sites
July 16, 2020 Posted by: Admin

Tips and Tricks of Classified Ad Posting Sites

In this blog we will exemplify what you can do to inspire your customers to purchase additional services.

Mini Business Intelligence 

One of the finest techniques to inspire your customers to buy your value-added services is to show them how much better their advertisements would perform when using those features of classified ads posting site in India. It can to gently push your users towards additional services. 

Quality Assessment

In one way or another, each advertisement is different – and so is their quality. So as to assist sellers sell more, the website can evaluate the quality of their advertisements, before and after the advertisement post. We advise taking two chief methods: the seller quality and the advertisement quality assessment. If you can deliver feedback to your sellers about the actual advertisement quality score before they post their advertisements, you can inspire them to further refine those advertisements before submission.
This, in order, could also result in an advanced placement among references. Another stimulating use of such advertisement quality assessment is to make a pool of noble quality advertisements that seem on the Key Page as motivations in free classified ads posting site in India. This will keep visitors interested to the listing page or an advertisement detail page. Obviously, you can occasionally recalculate the quality scores based on visitor activities around advertisements and their sellers. You could reward sellers, who have created advertisements of high quality, with certain of your value-added services.

Gallery Service Upgrades

It’s significant to not only get those best customers, but also to continuously make them feel special. They need to know that you actually appreciate their investment into your website and you treat them as your closest partners.
The most basic persuading factor to assure sellers that their investment into a gallery was worth it is that their advertisements will seem to the most applicable customers. Assuming that there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of such advertisements waiting in line to seem in this gallery box, the selection of the actually displayed one should be based on individual relevance to every individual guest in classified ad posting sites in India. This way, a seller’s advertisement will be shown to visitors whose browsing actions specify a high potential attention in the vague advertisement.

Final Takeaway:

It’s a no-brainer that if a customer has already paid for one of your value-added services, and was pleased with it, they will perhaps buy it the next time they promote something as well. So, a way to inspire your customers to pay for these services is by making them feel like the value-added services are well worth the price.

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