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Role Of Classified Ads In Job Searching In Rural Areas
March 13, 2021 Posted by: Admin

Role Of Classified Ads In Job Searching In Rural Areas

People often say that there’s scarcity of job. However, that’s not true completely. There’s opportunity but most of these vacancies are in the cities and metropolitans, so people from small-town don’t even get to know about these prospects.

The Change: A New Drift That Came

It’s true that earlier job vacancies were miles away from the adept individuals dwelling in the small-towns. But with the advent of online classified portals like Quikr, OLX, a substantial difference came into sight.

As internet availability increased in the small towns, people got access to these portals. It’s been found out that most of the traffic on the classified websites comes from these smaller markets of India. And with the penetration of internet and Smartphones in the smaller towns, it is only going to give these businesses a boost.

On the other hand, the city based companies also started posting vacancies in the free classified submission sites in India. This because even they are also looking for candidates and resources from across the country! It is astonishing how this amalgamation as proved to be beneficial for both the job seekers and the companies. And in between, the classified websites are highly benefitted – their traffic multiplied, the number of ad submissions increased, and the overall business identity boosted.

Here’s What Classified Website Owners Have To Say....

In an interview with Economic Times, the founder and CEO of Quikr, Pranay Chulet says, "Today half of our traffic comes from tier II and tier III towns and overall 70 percent from the small towns. With the advent of mobile internet, the traffic from that part of country has grown very fast."

Amarjit Batra, the CEO of OLX, in another interview with Economic Times India expresses, "The overall traffic on our website like any other websites in the country would be dominated by the top 50 cities of the country. But the interesting thing is that about 30-35 percent of our traffic is coming from very small towns of India."

From the interviews of these big players of the classified market, it has been found out that the overall business of every free classified ads posting site in India is growing faster in the rural areas in contrast to the urban areas. They further said that by looking at the internet penetration in the smaller towns as compared to big cities, the percentage of traffic is highly significant.

How Classified Ads Made To The Small Towns?

Mobile is one of the most significant reasons behind the growing popularity of classified ads posting sites in small towns. The top free classified submission sites in India either have a mobile app or a mobile-first designed website, which is why they could make a strong customer base in the rural markets.

According to the head of retail consultancy firm Technopak, the small towns and rural marketplaces have largely adapted the classified websites as they don’t have many options available.

Understanding the potential the rural towns has to offer, the classified websites have taken the initiative particularly for these geographies, so that they do not miss out even a bit of online traffic. The initial days have been difficult for the websites to deal with first-time internet users, that’s why they have made it compulsory to add contact details. Therefore, every qualified lead can directly consult the companies, who have posted the ad about job opportunity. A better communication always means a better prospect!

More About Vacancies In Rural Areas

Except the counterfeits, each and every free classified ads posting site in India has thought through these problems that job seekers in rural towns face day in and day out. No job, no appetite savings, and only something to eat – well, that can’t be a life for any!

That’s why the classified websites take the opportunities to them. Not only corporate post ads about their vacancies in classified website; even the newspaper companies, government sector, magazine publications, colleges, schools, and multiple other domains post about the available vacancies.

Just with a click, the job seekers can come across the vacancy and the contact details. The one who is genuinely interested and want a better future can easily get in touch with the ad owner, and talk the rest in detail.

That’s how the rural area is growing today, and it will more in the near future!

Final Thoughts

Life in small towns is not so difficult anymore with internet, Smartphone, and classified websites available to them easily.

Only by browsing the websites or searching the apps, they can find a job for themselves. And that can be a permanent solution for their dependency and monetary issues. Let’s hope a better life for them.

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