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How Free Classified Websites Listings Can Grow your Business In 2020?
October 29, 2020 Posted by: Admin

How Free Classified Websites Listings Can Grow your Business In 2020?

Media classified ads have proven to be a significant source of potential customers for many SMBs across the world. It’s inexpensive, easily accessible, and a smart approach to business. 

The concept at the first thought may seem like a breeze, but a lot of underlying strategy is crucial to taste success. If you want to know how classified ad sites can help your businesses grow in the year of pandemic, give this article a read! 

The Conventional Classified Advertising

A typical classified ad may look like a three-line ad placed in online yellow pages, print, or search engines. Newspapers, magazines, and free classified ads sites in India are some of the popular mediums for classified advertising. 

These ads show a short advertising message, designed to reach the target audiences who need the service or product right at the moment. 

The classified ads are published under different categories or groups, for instance real estate listing, job posting, car buy, etc. The ads are displayed in text along with relevant images. 

The Evolved Outlook In 2020 

Earlier, classified ads have been more popular in print medium. But with further brainstorming, they found great exposure in the online media. 

Today, businesses get potential customers through free classified ads posting site in India. Especially, in 2020 during pandemic, industry is more into online business, and that significantly increased the importance of classified websites.   

2FindNow is a well-known classified site for listing. Facebook Marketplace enable the users trade their products online. There is no doubt that free classified ads serve great in helping to build and promote business online. 

Effective Use Of Classified Ads In Growing Your Business 

• Quick posting 

• Targeting traffic to your business website 

• A chance to post free ads in paid sites which allows you to pre-check the count of incoming traffic 

• Easy requisites concerning exactly what may be posted 

• Lets you keep track of whether each ad is running regularly and attracting new clients  

Popular Categories Of Classified Ads For Businesses

1. Recruitment
2. Matrimonial
3. IT
4. Property
5. Obituary
6. Education
7. Announcements 

Note: Classified ad sites also contain a ‘Personal’ category for individual ad owners

The Boons Of Classified Ad Sites 

The free classified ads sites in India come with a lot of advantages. If you are an entrepreneur and planning to expand your business, it’s essential for you to know these benefits in detail. Find now – 

• Classified ad sites are mostly cost-effective. That means you can increase your budget anytime and buy multiple ads for more frequent exposure in the online medium. 

• There are some websites that allow free posting, and it’s chargeable only when you want your ad to show up on top of customers’ feeds. 

• Classified advertising also allows you to get super local, i.e. you can concentrate on publications, newsletters, online listings, etc. to target any specific city, zip code, or locality. 

• Categories in classified websites are an additional benefit. It helps to attract more customers since people easily get redirected to their area of interest. For instance, a person looking for properties needs to concentrate only on ‘real estate’ section, the job seekers need to search only the ‘employment’ section, etc. 

• It takes a minimal amount of time to create a classified advertisement. Hence, businesses can create an impact in no time, and that’s another advantage. 

The Best Way To Write A Classified Ad

If you are planning to post on free classified ads posting site in India, here are a few things to keep in mind. It will help your classified ads to be even more successful. 

• Your classified ads should be simple and brief, with no exaggeration 

• Through proofreading with necessary editing is extremely necessary 

• It must contain Call-To-Action and contact details so that interested customers can easily reach out to you 

• Before creating your classified ad, track and test your customers to understand the tonality 

• After posting the ads, measure lead generation and traffic conversion through a vanity URL or a link with UTM parameters

Make the most out of classified ads

A short, simple, and brief classified is the best way to win maximum traffic. A successful ad looks more like a telegram – precise and explicit. Explain that you want to sell or promote, and why people should spend for it in minimum words you can. Also, add some contact information so that people can easily contact you. That’s how businesses are growing in 2020. So, start your campaign today with the above-mentioned tips in mind.

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