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Essential Features to Consider for Selecting Classified Website
April 11, 2020 Posted by: Admin

Essential Features to Consider for Selecting Classified Website

In a typical Online Classified website, the essential functionality is posting an Advertisement. In contemporary days we can see more and more features coming out as an addition to current free Classified Ads posting sites in Kolkata

Here we discuss on certain vital features for the users of any best-classified ads site in Kolkata. Take note which features you want for posting classified ads.

Important Features for Classified Website:

Focus On Search:

The search box is the core of the classified website, so it must be better than other usual websites and correctly located in a simple accessible place. The search feature is the backbone of top classified sites in Kolkata. 

Place-Based Search:

Map addition lets a purchaser know the place of vendor. The place should be marked automatically based on the zone filled by the consumer while listing the product. Categories and subcategories must be separated based on the appropriate location. This is yet an additional extremely suggested feature for your classified ad.


Users are busy on both mobiles along with desktop. Therefore, free Classified Ads posting sites in Kolkata should be responsive and mobile-ready that allows catering to an extensive range of users irrespective of their different devices. Classified websites should build using flexible and cutting-edge technology that offers viewing experience to users on smartphones along with tablets.

SEO Friendly:

India’s best-classified sites should use best practices of SEO that saves time. Each ad should be appropriately indexed by Google with the assistance of suitable keywords and metadata automatically.

Contact Advertiser Form:

People contact advertisers from time to time, whether they need to find out particular information or just make things clear. That is why free Classified Ads posting sites in Kolkata requires a contact form. You don’t have to excess it with numerous fields. Instead, keep the form simple with the elementary fields for the sender’s name, message and email. It is an essential feature of classifies website.


Filters for categorization are crucial for searching. Filters are usually used for sub-categories, date of age of Ads, price, location and other detailed custom fields.

Chat or Messaging:

Chat or messaging is the most significant feature of vend and purchase apps. Your B2B and C2C classified apps may be offering an extensive range of products, but it won’t work until vendors and customers can connect effortlessly. Private messaging and real-time chat between vendor and purchaser for fast communication and immediate resolution of any question is desirable. Therefore, the chat or messaging feature is crucial. All the messages are simply accessible under the messages section.


Saved searches and favourite assist users to review the advertisements they have liked and saved, eradicating the need for searching through thousands of items again. So, there should be a feature to save classified items to wish list. All the items marked as a favourite should seem in the ‘Favourites’ section. 

Final Takeaway:

2 find Now is one of the most widespread classified ads websites in Kolkata. With the rising popularity of ecommerce and online shopping, this is the finest time to find a free classified website with advanced features.

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