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Classified Site Promotion – Tips And Tricks
January 05, 2021 Posted by: Admin

Classified Site Promotion – Tips And Tricks

Driving traffic is bread and butter for any classified website. Like you know that ad owners publish their adverts in a classified site only if it has a good amount of reach. So, successfully promoting a website apparently becomes the most important chore for any classified website owner. But how to do that still remains a question!

Tips for marketing a classified website

There are scores of strategies for website promotion, but only a few of them are indeed effective in today’s date and can genuinely turn your classified site into the best classified ads posting site in India. With the new year coming soon, it’s time to revise and prep up new promotional tactics for any classified website. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a complex beast. There are two very critical aspects, which are ‘spike of hope’ and ‘flatline of nope’. The former can easily degenerate into the later if there is any loophole in your strategy. Therefore, it becomes essentially important to maintain the following – 

Write on a topic that has potential to bring organic traffic: If your topic is a popular and trendy one, then you will have the chance to get organic traffic without much effort. Also, keyword research is essential to your SEO success. When your content ranks for tons of popular search terms, that’s when your traffic begins to soar.

Optimize your content: You’ll need to optimize your content to get or improve its rank in the Google search engine. It is vital when you are producing content as well as while modifying the exiting posts. This involves huge research, copywriting, and other factors.

Build links: Backlinking is a simple link building process that helps to drive traffic from another page to your classified submission site in India. Having a large number of quality backlinks is a detrimental factor for ranking highly on search engines. 

Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging is a great all-in-one method to establish presence within your niche, make some connections in the industry, and grow your backlink profile – all of which are instrumental to promote your website in the long run. Here’s what should be your approach – 

Blog for the right people in the right place: When you have to promote classified website, you can’t just opt in for a technology-related blog topic. Then you won’t be able to reach the target audience, who are your prospects as well.

Prepare your pitch :Do not spam your prospects. There are certain ways of getting a favourable response from strangers on the internet, and mass-emailing is definitely not one of them. Do your research and personalize your pitch to receive editor’s good graces.

Finally, write the guest post : Now that your research is done and pitch is ready, head towards writing the content around your guest blogging topic. The best classified ads posting site in India always follow the style and formatting of the blog they’re guest posting for. 

User engagement in third-party sites 

The ‘front page of the internet’ has huge potential only if you know how to tap it. There are many third-party sites, where you can instigate user engagement by answering questions, creating discussions, and more. It even improves your brand’s reputation, overall.

Reddit : It is a place, where you can share and discuss just about any topic that is compatible with Reddit Rules. What makes Reddit stand out in particular is its blatant advertising provision. Redditors are smart enough to judge your ad and put a ban on it. Here’s how to prove that you have something to say –

First identify your niche. Simply search in Google [site:reddit.com -inurl:”comments”] and it will reveal a few options, which is where your target audience belongs and the place you need to conquer.

Become one of the Redditors. It’s high time to integrate yourself. Focus on building reputation, relationships, and reddit karma. Follow the relevant communities for better apprehension.

Promote meticulously. Now that you’ve spent adequate time in being a part of the community and making connections, you may start referencing your own website, which is your objective primarily.

Quora : Despite being popular as an online forum, Quora is very different from Reddit. Precisely, it is a question and answer site that’s entirely user generated. As a Quora user, you may either ask a question or answer them. The best ways to promote your classified submission site in India through Quora are by –

Zooming in on the right question. It’s all about strategic placement of your content in the right channel, among the right people. Quora allows you to do both ‘generic searches’ and ‘searches within a specific topic’.

Building referral traffic. Post a good answer to each question while linking to your website where possible. Relevancy is the key here. Write to provide the best answer you can and don’t shoehorn your link in. 

Pro Tip 

Always tend to follow the strategy of a popular website. Remember, those who are ahead of you in the search engine, may be your competitors, but they have implemented better strategy any way. So, you must try to understand their techniques, and improvise it on your own. 

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