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Best Web Metrics For Tracking Performance Of Classified Website
November 19, 2020 Posted by: Admin

Best Web Metrics For Tracking Performance Of Classified Website

The world becoming even more competitive with each passing, it’s essential to have a continuous tab of your business’ position so that you can strategize and plan accordingly. So how to gauge whether your classified website is performing well? Find here the best metrics crucial for in-detail website evaluation and analysis. 

Broadly, there are two categories – 

SEM Metrics
Internal Search Metrics 

However, they have several different classifications, each of which contributes separately in website analysis. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Metrics 

Search Engine Marketing is a type of internet marketing that helps in promoting websites like free classified submission sites in India by increasing their online presence in the search engine results. Primarily, it is paid advertising. So, when there’s an expense involved, there’s even more responsibility of tracking the impressions returning from the ad campaigns. Here are the SEM metrics to measure the impressions – 

Search engine traffic share 

If you know the search engine traffic share of your website, it will be easier for you to compare with the global search engine market share. The result will help you identify whether there’s global popularity of the same reflects on the traffic driven to your site. If not, then your website is not performing well, and there’s scope of getting more traffic. 

Number of keywords driving traffic 

A lot can be decided over this information. If your site ranks for multiple unique keywords, then some areas of the website are performing well. If one or two keywords drive traffic, then possibly your homepage and category pages are generating visits through generic keywords.   

Traffic volume provided by Universal Search 

If you can grow user interest on the globally popular sources like image, video, or mobile search, then it’s worth exploring these sectors. They can rank your classified website as the best classified ads posting sites in India

Volume of branded and non-branded traffic 

Branded traffic are those that come from brand-related keywords and the ‘non-branded’ ones come from generic keywords. If your website shows low volume of branded traffic then that points a question on your brand building efficiencies. And if the volume of non-branded traffic is low, then it’s a clear sign of wrong keyword selection and search engine optimization. Having a tab of both these data can give you room for improvement. 

Internal Search Metrics 

The objectives of these metrics are to identify the bounce rate of the free classified submission sites in India. Also, to find out the sessions spend by each user, and other such internal data. Some of these metrics are – 

Number of page views of search results pages 

Multiple studies have come up with the conclusion that users tend to stay on the first page of the search engines like Google, Bing, etc. However, the behaviour slightly changes when they visit the classified websites. There, they prefer to browse more search results and go deeper because they try to find all the relevant deals and offers. Now if you have the ratio of visitors going to the 2nd or 3rd search pages, it will be useful for evaluating whether the result per page is optimal or the results are of high quality and presented in the right order. 

Number of results returned per search 

What if a user misspells while searching on the best classified ads posting sites in India? Internal search monitors this but it is still an unappreciated functionality in a classified website. That’s why the output of this metric is especially important. It helps to find out whether there’s need for usability improvement or monetizing by contextual advertising again. 

Volume and characteristics of internal website searches

It is an important metric for further website development. If you can find out the number of searches and what exactly the users have searched for, you can estimate revenues of contextual advertising. 

Be Fully Aware Of The Web Performance 

If you have a website, then first and foremost responsibility is to identify how well it is performing. Above are just a part of the web metrics that must be used by classified sites for website analysis and evaluation. These are certainly more useful than standard ‘number of page views’, ‘number of visits’, ‘average time spent on the site’, and other generic information like these. Also, these web metrics can prove to be a great start for future advanced analyses.

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