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Best Marketing Tips For Classified Websites
December 09, 2020 Posted by: Admin

Best Marketing Tips For Classified Websites

A classified website is completely different than a standard business website, so naturally, the marketing procedure differs from each other.
To give your classified website online visibility, you have to follow some strict promotional guidelines. It will help you to promote your website among the right audience, and make more money from there. 

Find out the techniques to be followed – 

Research your competitors 

Behind successful marketing lies a back story – the story of researching, brainstorming, and testing ideas. Start with competitor analysis. It will help you to identify the position of your free classified submission site in India, in the local and global market, and there’s no better advantage than knowing your game inside out. The better idea is to avoid niches where the competition is thick. Try to strengthen your foothold in a new area. After choosing the niche you are going to master, try to identify the potential problems that you may face and their possible resolves. And finally then it is your time to test your idea. Be patient because it can take a while before you start getting traffic on your website. 

Design a simple website 

Simplicity is the key to win visitors’ attention. Design a website so that it is clear and easy to use. It’s the best you can offer your visitor. They should find access to specific content quickly and in an intuitive way. Also, ensure the categories and locations are visible clearly. This will help the advertisers to post their ads without much effort. It may sound insignificant, but it is indeed an essential leg of classified website marketing. 

Unique social media promotion 

Social media opens doors to millions of users, where your prospects are lying possibly. Therefore, social media handles are the best places to promote your free classified ad posting site in India. Post about your site, categories, and locations that you offer. Ensure you are making a unique identity by posting inimitable and distinct creative every day. The content of your posts are of major importance. If you are in the marketing field already, they you must know that users long for quality and exclusiveness. Engage your users by offering them only one of its kind social media posts about your classified website. 

Manage keyword database 

Make a smart analysis of the keyword database for your website. Check the keywords that are most often used by competitors. Pick the ones that have maximum search volume. But at the same time, narrow down your area as well. 

For example, if you are selecting keywords for your classified website, you should go for keywords like ‘best free classified ads submission site in India’ instead of ‘classified advertising website’. For the later, chance of ranking is less as there are number of websites that are using the same keyword for ranking. 

Use blogging for promotion

Guest blogging boosts online presence and leads visitors to your website. Write articles and blogs about your niche and post in third-party sites. Don’t forget to interlink your website and past articles that you have posted in your website. It’s the backlinking process, which is popular in digital marketing. When readers visit the guest blog, they may click the hyperlinks that will redirect them to your free classified submission site in India. The choice of keywords and hyperlinked texts leverage the bounce rate of your website. 

Offer free ad submission 

Marketing is all about how better you can trick your audience, but of course without causing any harm or loss. Keeping that in mind, you may enable free ad submission in your classified website. In one hand, it will make your site suitable even for small businesses that run low on budget. And on the other hand, your site will look more attractive and fulfilled with ads from various categories. The count and quality of listings will also improve this way. Remember, without advertising, you cannot reach your audience and make business. 

Use pay-per-click ads

Pay-Per-Click ads are known to be a significant source of online traffic. If you decide to run PPC ads, make sure you are targeting your niche. It will help to bring the right audience to your free classified ad posting site in India. Although the basics of pay-per-click advertising seem simple, managing a successful paid search account might not be. So, invest your time in research so that you get a good ROI at the end. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, there are tons of ways to promote your classified website, and only a few of the many are mentioned here. Although one cannot predict which strategy proves to be effective for whom, still the above-mentioned ones have been found to be operative in many instances. These are, especially, one-off but long-term ones.

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