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8 Types of Classified Ads in India
June 03, 2020 Posted by: Admin

8 Types of Classified Ads in India

There are certain advertisement categories which are mainly widespread under the classified segment. Certain of them are individual advertisements for private references or meeting the official necessities of individuals, while certain of them are conditioned by the budget of the advertiser.

The list of standard Classified Advertisements is provided as follows


Free Classified Ads posting sites in India were a common way for businesses to promote occupations. Classifieds are still great for this purpose. Even in bigger metropolises, classifieds are a noble choice for discovering staff and part-time laborers.

Most small and average businesses achieve their recruitment necessities with classified "Situation Vacant’ ads. Even persons looking for works often advertise in the recruitment section under the sub-category of ‘Situation Wanted’, where, job searchers mention their experiences and services ask for a profile matching them.


Looking to sell a house or hire out your apartment? The "real estate" or "property" section of the classifieds is where to go. This section is a model for property owners, real estate agents, or individual proprietors looking to sell their possessions.
By property advertisements here, we do not mean real estate projects but ads for sale, buy and lend individual homes, flats, or apartments. 


Marital advertisements are a way for single people to search for potential spouses. A matrimonial classified advertisement would contain a brief bio, an image of the individual, and a depiction of what that individual is in search of in a possible companion. It can be a text advertisement or a classified display containing an image of the potential partner. 


Businesses can use top classified ad posting site India to broadcast an auction, an occasion, or the presentation of a new item. For instance, a garment shop may use a classified to declare a new site, or a travel agent may announce its imminent trip.
Each business firm has certain budget restrictions. Since 9 times out of 10, classified ad posting site is the principal choice of all industry, many small and intermediate-sized businesses select to promote under the classified format. Sales advertising, Business offers or proposals or even looking for Business associates are done through classified advertisements. 


Persons can place announcements in the classifieds section for a range of purposes, including lost domestic animal or stuff, wedding declarations, address changes, and more. 


Educational organizations, training centers, and individual teachers can use classifieds for marketing their services. While classified advertising might be better suitable for smaller educational centers rather than big colleges, organizations of any size could also promote reductions.


Want to send anniversary wishes, a graduation declaration, or another congratulatory message? Private Classifieds are generally less applicable to businesses, but still worth understanding.

Public Notice and Tenders

Public notices and Tender advertisements are also a kind of public message, wherein the public is informed about changes carried about by instructions, rules, contract requirements, regulations, or anything related to the administration. This advertisement category is usually published in the Classified Display format. It is more reasonable to announce them in the free Classified Ads posting sites in India.

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