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Eaton proximity sensor equipment services +91-9773900325


Sensors are the interface between man and machine. Eaton offers a comprehensive range of inductive and photoelectric sensors. Industrial Megamart is a leading distributor, retailer and exporter of Proximity sensors for industrial and corporate purposes. We offer great quality and superior durability in different efficiency, lengths and size of Eaton proximity sensor for practically every application. List of Eaton Sensor Product- Miniature Short Body Sensors iProx series Inductive Proximity Sensors SpeedSense Series Inductive Proximity Sensors E52 Rectangular Inductive Proximity Sensors High Current Output Inductive Proximity Sensors Global Series Inductive Proximity Sensors AccuProx Series Inductive Proximity Sensors E57 Premium+ and Premium Series Inductive Proximity Sensors INDUSTRIAL MEGAMART– ITHUM TOWER, BLOCK A, NOIDA-62, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA, PINCODE- 201301. For Enquiry Please Contact- Industrial Megamart Whatsapp - https://wa.me/message/BSDW3NN7UUOWN1 Call/Whatsapp - +91-9773900325 Website: http://www.industrialmegamart.com/

Area/Neighbourhood information

Noida, UP. India, Pincode: 201301.

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(91) 9773900325

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