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Best fruit jam in India - Apis India


Best fruit jam in India: Fruit Jam is a cooked and gelled fruit. Jams are made with fruits cut into pieces and then crushed. Fruit Jams consist of fruit juices and pieces of fruit’s skins. The simplest traditional way to make fruit jam is to heat the pieces or crushed fruit in water along with sugar. Fruit Jams are used as spreads on chapattis and breads. For Jam to be made, it is very important that the fruits selected should be seasonal, good quality, fresh and juicy. More the fruit is juicy, more tasty will be the jam. Different fruits like apple, grapes, peaches, plums, mangoes are used to make jams. Jams spread on bread slices is the favorite breakfast of children. As fake jams can causes severe diseases and stomach disorders, so we should be very careful while buying Fruit Jam India. Go for good brands like Apis India. https://apisindia.com/dates/ 18/32, East Patel Nagar New Delhi 110 008 India Telephone No: +91-11-43206666 Fax No: +91-11-43559111 vikas.cs@apisindia.com General enquiries: mail@apisindia.com

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